QuickMix (Mixer/Aerator)

All ponds will naturally stratify or layer as a result of varying pond water temperatures. Colder water will tend to settle in the bottom of your pond with warmer water layered overtop of it. This layering prevents oxygen from making it down to the bottom of your pond where organic material accumulates. Since there is no oxygen available for decomposition of this material, it undergoes anaerobic decomposition which produces foul odours and creates an unattractive layer of slime in the bottom of your pond. Adding an aeration system to your pond helps to break down this layer of organic material making the pond cleaner and more attractive. This layer of muck is also responsible for feeding plants and algae by providing it with nutrients. Breaking it down therefore helps to prevent the growth of algae and weeds by cutting off its food supply.

When initially starting to aerate a pond that has not been previously aerated The aeration period should be short (1 – 2 hours daily) then increased over time. Because the water is likely stratified the QuickMix will initiate circulation of the pond bringing water with low dissolved oxygen to the surface for aeration.  The strong vortex created by the mixing portion (lower section) and the aeration portion (upper section) of the QuickMix insures that maximum oxygen is transferred into the water.

Beneficial aerobic bacteria can be used with the QuickMix to eradicate algae and aid in eliminating foul odours.

Aerating a Firewater Lagoon